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offset in field

Inter-wellbore communication is a problem operators commonly face during today’s modern horizontal completion process. Due to the increase in communication events, the AER implemented DIR 83 in 2013. This AER Directive sets out requirements for managing subsurface integrity associated with hydraulic fracturing, making operators accountable for identifying all wellbores in the defined fracture planning zone (FPZ), notifying all operations in the FPZ prior to hydraulic fracturing, and developing a risk mitigation plan for wellbores put at risk during the fracturing process.

Utilizing real time telemetry over an ever expanding cellular data network, Quick Silver Optimization has designed a system for its’ customers to comply with DIR 83 by providing real time pressure monitoring, multi well colour coordinated graph charting, pressure event alerts via email and SMS, experienced personnel, all at competitive pricing for today’s tight oil and gas margins.

Post frac offset well data provides our customers with proof of compliance, information for 3rd party operators during the completion process and provides useful data for future projects I the FPZ.

From small 1 to 5 well projects, to large 20 to 40 well projects, rest assured QSO has your offset well monitoring needs covered.