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QSW/QSO Announces New Patented Horizontal Standing Valve

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Quick Silver's Horizontal Check Valve

This product will not only increase profits from incremental fluid and gas production generated from your wellbore, but also saves countless dollars on operational costs once required to keep these wells producing. By being able to install the bottom hole spring in the ideal location which is right in the heel of the well you can now truly optimize your system. You can expect consistent plunger arrivals, extend the life cycle of the bottom hole spring and check valve assembly and reduce the need to manually intervene.

Quick Silver Optimization is proud to present our new horizontal standing valve. This valve is specially designed for horizontal wells to capture fluid in the tubing during a close cycle typically encountered when used in conjunction with a plunger lift system. This new technology is targeted to operate on angles greater than 48 degrees.

With the introduction of this new technology, we can place our bumper spring / standing valve assembly right down in the heel of the well where the most optimal place is to capture fluid for the system to efficiently cleanse the tubing. Results will yield an increase in both gas and fluid production, reduce the frequency of “dry” plunger arrivals, and lessen the need for operations to interact.