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Wireline operations refer to an oil and gas production or exploration activity where a cable or “wire” lowers a tool, sensor or multiple tools and sensors into a wellbore using wire or braided cable. Wireline Service Companies provide the equipment, personnel, and expertise to perform a broad variety of services to maintain, develop and evaluate wellbore conditions for Oil and gas Explorers and Operators.

While there are many types of wireline used in Wireline Services, QuickSilver is focused on providing wireline service utilizing only slackline (solid wire in various sizes) and braided wireline (for heavier mechanical services like fishing). Our entire company is geared around providing the best service and customer solutions in these areas, based on our company’s extensive knowledge base, experienced personnel, management expertise, and purpose-built equipment. We believe that we can provide our customers with demonstrated best service and all done at a reasonable cost.

The wireline trucks, equipment, tools and instruments we use on a daily basis are designed to reliably and safely meet the day in and day out needs of our customers. As well, we have a large selection of unique fishing or reservoir recording tools and instruments for unusual wellbore cases or problems.

Our professional team of field operators are experienced and proficient at providing competitively priced and professionally planned wireline services. They are backed up by very experienced management to ensure that our customers receive the right equipment and personnel for each job as well as provide technical expertise to our customers when asked. A few of these services are listed below and include:

  • Downhole and surface pressure recorder services including in-house pressure/temperature survey reporting
  • Installing and working with downhole flow control devices
  • Bottom hole choke sizing and installation
  • Wireline fishing and heavier slickline or braided-lined mechanical work
  • Drop off spool equipment available when required
  • Other services, including but not limited to; swabbing, bailing, sampling, running or retrieving plugs in tubing and casing, tubing sleeve work, WR casing bridge plug retrieval, sand-line cutting, tubing perforations (percussion detonation), tubing end locate and tag plug back.

Quick Silver has been in existence since 2001, has not only survived a few downturns in our industry but has continued to provide customers with top shelf personnel, equipment and services during these many years. We never take our jobs and reputation for granted and continually strive to be the best Wireline Company in Canada. We are always training, often hiring and try to retain our best staff as they are key to providing our customers with leading, cost effective services.

If you would like to know more about our history, more about our services or just need some job specific information, please feel very free to call our main Red Deer office and we would love to chat.

Please note; we also provide excellent Offset Well Monitoring and Optimization services with our sister company, QSO Inc. Great people there too!!